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Refunding Page

You have decided to enter the wonderful world of Refunding. You are in for a fun and enjoyable trip! Do you like to get things for free? From books to jackets? Save money on groceries? You have probably heard of the people who have purchased, say, $90 worth of groceries, and after the cashier takes the coupons off, they end up paying only $3.49. Well, that's what this hobby is all about! That can't be possible you say? I used to think so too, until I did it last December!! You can do it too! If you would like to get involved in this fun, exciting "sport", read on!

To get started, you must save and file all your coupons, rebate forms, UPC's and CRT's (cash register tapes). You never know when a good deal might come out, and you have to be prepared! If you do find a good deal, and you need a certain form, or upc, there are many refunders here that will trade with you. If you need an Energizer UPC, you could trade coupons or another UPC for it!

If you would like to get involved, we would love for you to join our refund family. Check out the link below for real "LIVE" refunding chat!! For help, just email me or go to the sites below. You will get to love this hobby in a hurry!

My Wishlists!


What I have available:


Refunders Web Pages

Check out these refunders to set up trades, and save money!

Doug Creighton's Refund/Coupon Web Site
Julie Klaus Coupon Wish List
Mendy's Place
Rainbow's Refunding
Su King's Pet Coupon Exchange

"LIVE" Refunding Chat!!

If you like to chat, and you like to refund, now you can do both at the same time! To chat now, click on the link below. Or if you have IRC, you can find us on server: nether.dal.net, channel: refunders. We normally meet there evenings at 8pm Eastern. Hope to chat with you soon!

Refunders Chat

Cool Refunding Sites

Starving Shirly
Coupon Net
Ragu Home Page
Power Shopper
Freebee Update
Rebate Exchange

Refunding Publications

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