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If you have any of these forms, don't let them go to waste. If you want to set up a trade with me, please e-mail me.

Scott's Form Wishlist

Updated February 1, 1998

February 1998

Arm & Hammer Deodorant Rebate offer
Speed Stick Ultimate Antiperspirant Free Refund
Zerex Antifreeze Coolant $6 Rebate

March 1998

Afrin B1G1F Offer
Bic 10 Pack Metal/Pastel Rebate offer

April 1998

Texaco Rebate

May 1998

Healthy Choice CD Offer
Hormel Foods Milk Offer

June 1998

Colgate Tarter Control Plus Whitening $1.99 Refund
Dovebar CD Offer
GE Residential Fluorescent $1.50 Rebate
Jolly Time Taste Challenge

July 1998

Glade Spin Fresh $1 Refund
Kodak/Coca Cola Rebate Offer
Ore Ida Foods Phone Card offer

December 1998

Estes 2 pack Engine Rebate

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Thanks for taking the time to look at all these forms!!